Comprehensive Dentistry Focused on Cosmetic & Implant

Comprehensive Dental Care

We take pride in supporting your complete dental care in our office and with a referral team of expert specialists. Our office is dedicated to serving your dental needs in a comprehensive, caring, and gentle environment. We are committed to provide quality care to our patients as we work to achieve our patients’ desires for that optimum oral health and a beautiful smile.

General Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Implants • Crowns & Bridges • Fillings • Teeth Whitening / Bleaching • Porcelain Veneers & Restorations • Dentures • Limited Orthodontics • Limited Extractions • Digital X-Rays • Periodontic Deep Cleaning • Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing • TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder • Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Surgically Clean Air for Your Health

Our office uses two advanced medical grade air purification systems that combine six major technologies to keep you safe and comfortable in our office. Our Surgically Clean Air’s multi-stage air purifying technologies work together to clean, purify and re-energize the indoor air.