MTM® Clear•Aligner

The Gentle & Affordable Way to Correct Spacing, Gaps, Crowding, Rotation

The innovative MTM Clear•Aligner is an affordable way to have the smile you've always wanted without the high cost and complicated appliances that many other aligners and wire braces require. Common patient issues are tooth crowding, rotation or gaps. The MTM Clear•Aligner puts low pressure on teeth for gentle movement. Aligners are worn daily for several weeks or months. All Clear•Aligners are custom made for each patient from BPA-free plastic and are nearly invisible when worn.

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Learn if Clear•Aligner Works for You

Dr. Lam can evaluate your unique smile and let you know if Clear•Aligner is right for you.

Typical Anterior Misalignments Clear•Aligner Can Address

How MTM Clear•Aligner Works

The MTM Clear•Aligner system is a set of transparent removable aligners. Patients wear the aligners daily for several week or months as directed by Dr. Lam. As teeth move in the desired way, each aligner is progressively replaced with a new aligner to gently guide tooth movement. Every MTM Clear•Aligner is custom made to for your teeth alignment and the plan Dr. Lam guides. Some patients see complete correction in as little as 90 days. But every situation is unique.

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