Comprehensive Dentistry Focused on Cosmetic & Implant

Dental Care Services

We are dedicated to serving your dental needs in a comprehensive, caring, and gentle environment with expert dental procedures and high quality dental materials. We offer our patients a full spectrum of dental care to enhance, improve, and optimize their oral health and smile.

General Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Implants • Crowns & Bridges • Fillings • Teeth Whitening / Bleaching • Porcelain Veneers & Restorations • Dentures • MTM® Clear•Aligner • Limited Orthodontics • Limited Extractions • Digital X-Rays • Periodontic Deep Cleaning • Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing • TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Disorder • Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Your Initial Visit

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your cosmetic and general visit. Your first initial visit at our office is a thorough and extensive comprehensive examination with full mouth xrays. Because of the degree of focus and diagnostic evaluation of your smile, teeth, and jaw function, this appointment usually takes a full hour. After which, a subsequent appointment for cleanings, immediate treatment concerns, and/or restorative treatments can be made based on the findings at your initial visit.

Cosmetic Dentistry

With today’s advanced technology, patients are given a wide selection of restorations for their dental care options-allowing for a more Esthetic, Natural and Whiter smile. Here are some of today’s possibilities which are used to change the shape, length, and or color of your smile:

  • Porcelain Veneers – conservative cosmetic restoration that has the ability to change tooth shape, color, minimal alignment issues, and/or spaces.
  • Tooth Implants – replaces missing teeth, can be individual or multiple, greater long term prognosis and longevity than bridges.
  • White Restorations (Composite & Porcelain Ceramic)- old silver fillings (amalgam restorations) are replaced with white resin Composite fillings or a more durable Porcelain Ceramic inlay/onlay. Depending on the size of the old silver filling, cracks at the silver filling margin may be an entry for bacteria into the tooth where redecay may occur.
  • Whitening / Bleaching – using whitening gels placed in custom trays, this is the most predictable outcome for long term tooth whitening services. A noninvasive and simple approach to whitening your smile.
  • Limited Orthodontics – slight tooth crowding can be corrected with an orthodontic active appliance that may be removed for social engagements.


The MTM Clear•Aligner is an unique way of straightening teeth that are slightly out of alignment. Typical patients have tooth crowding or gaps. The MTM Clear•Aligner applies gentle pressure to the teeth to allow progressive movement over time. Aligners are worn daily for several weeks or months. The MTM Clear•Aligner can straighten teeth in as little as 90 days when worn as directed. Each Clear•Aligner is designed and custom made each patient. And they are virtually invisible when worn. They are made of BPA-free plastic that is formulated for patients’ comfort.

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